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Oh, For The Love of Nature… Especially Trees!

Our Earth is comprised of millions of species, colors, patterns, smells, tastes, sounds, and good things to touch. What better way to experience it, than to venture out into your own backyard and take some time to “smell the roses,” so to speak.

Have you ever looked up at a beautiful tree- or even just thought it would be a challenge to climb? Did you climb that tree? Tree climbing is one of the most fun things a person can experience- and it’s great for muscle building. Oh and believe me- the trees don’t mind at all! Trees have a wide array of uses on our planet, from supplying oxygen and metabolizing the CO2 that us breathers exhale, to supplying homes and food to birds, insects, squirrels, and then some! Some animals use trees as a scratching post. Trees are also often used (generally through tree farming) to make paper and building material. When a tree limb or leaf falls to the ground, it becomes food for the littlest of our planet’s inhabitants, and eventually becomes a rich and fertile soil, for more trees to grow.

If you were lost in the woods, and it started to rain- even if you couldn’t cut, shape, sand, and paint a cute little house with all the comforts of the house you would then be missing- you could still take tree branches, and create a lean-to, which would give you some temporary warmth and shelter from the storm. You could use some of the small sticks on the ground, rub them together for a while, and the friction would create enough heat to light a fire- and be even warmer!

How does one learn to appreciate those beautiful towering pillars of shade, though? Well, as I mentioned before- CLIMB the tree! Every tree you see! Every chance you get! One foot after the next! We have to make contact with the world around us, to be able to fully appreciate it, and the wildlife it supports, beyond those ever evolving pine hutches and writing desks we have learned to be so protective of.  When you grab that first branch, the second one beckons. Swing on up, tree climbers- and spread the word! The only way to save them is to use them in the most natural way one can. Bring a book, or a camera- I promise you- the idea of coming down will be the last thing on your mind. When you are in the safe, strong arms of your friend THE TREE, you won’t ever want to leave. Excuse the pun! heehee!



One comment on “Oh, For The Love of Nature… Especially Trees!

  1. Alicia
    May 6, 2012

    I have. Everytime I see a beautiful tree I imagine sitting in it and looking out at the world.

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