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Rain Cistern, Green Roofs, and aerators, OH, MY!!

It shocks me to know how many people have never heard these phrases before- but there’s a first time for everything. So without further adieu, allow me to explain the benefits of rain cisterns, green roofs, and aerators, which are all inexpensive ways of improving our water tables, aka aquifers, and increasing our drinking water supplies through retention, conservation, and reuse.

Rain cisterns (aka cystines) are actually these super cheap to install storm water collection systems, which allow a household or business to collect the water into a large container, and reuse it later, in order to water the grass, trees, and flowers in one’s backyard/ garden.

How it’s done:

First, make sure your gutters go around the entire perimeter of your roof. Remove the multiple “drains” and keep one drain for wherever your cistern can fit. Cisterns range from anywhere between a few hundred dollars, into the thousands, if you buy them new, and sometimes you can find a great deal on a used one, as well. Basically, the rain water that hits the house on the roof, runs down the roof, into the gutters. With a cistern system, you can collect and use that water for the grass, and save a lot of money on your annual water bill, and also reduce the amount of fresh water that gets run off into the oceans every year, in doing so.

Green Roofs are not painted green- at least not with paint, LOL!! They are the flat portions of a roof that have potted plants on top, or in some cases, grass that really grows. Green Roofs serve several functions: they help to insulate the building from heat, wind, and cold- which tends to reduce one’s energy bill; They create a new “porch” or “garden” for the homeowner, which is great if you like sunbathing, or just don’t have a huge yard, and need a place to put the grill.. Yes, you can put a table and grill on your roof. Surround them with a few plants with great, deep pots to keep them sturdy, and you have created a green roof that doubles as a LIVING space. Find plants that do well in direct sunlight, and fill giant totes or beautiful pots with potting soil. If you are climbing a ladder to get to the roof, it may be well advised to set up a pulley system on the side of the roof, in order to safely haul everything up- If it doesn’t sound affordable, just do a little at a time. One plant every month. Within a year, you will have 12 beautiful plants on the roof.

Why green roofs are effective in water retention:

They actually hold onto rain water, and increase the potential for water that would otherwise have been sent down the gutters into the oceans to evaporate, condensate, and precipitate once again. Every drop counts! Remember, when we get rain, our houses, apartments, businesses, etc- are actually blocking a large portion of the ground, onto which that rain would otherwise fall. Instead of going to the ground, under which we have our aquifers and water tables, which mind you, hold our houses upright- that water goes out to sea. This is one of the problems with our current water crisis- we have so many roofs and cars, paved highways, etc- and we don’t have enough plants and soils to make up for all that industry.A green roof can also be used in combination with a rain cistern. Imagine that! This way, you are not only insulating your home naturally, and giving back that earth that your very comfortable home sits on, but you can now water your grass for free, too. Whodathunkit!!!

Next up is Aerators. Everyone’s heard of this one! Aerators are exceptional tools for water conservation. You can’t exactly reuse this water, just by buying a $3 aerator piece, but at least you are only using about half of what you would have used before. This also helps to maintain the water table at a high level. Aerators can be placed in faucets, spigots, and shower heads. You can also buy hose nozzles which have built in aerators, and you can avoid over-watering by using aerated sprinklers, too.

There is nothing better in this life than being one with nature- but now more than ever, nature needs to be nurtured. I sure hope you do your part. Thanks for stopping by! =)



One comment on “Rain Cistern, Green Roofs, and aerators, OH, MY!!

  1. Alicia
    May 29, 2012

    I try to do my part. I try to recycle as much as I can. I have indoor plants. I drink water from the tap and reuse containers for storage. I only shop at thrift stores for cookware, bake ware and dishes. I re-use, re-purpose and upcycle anything I can. Love the blog. Thanks for enlightening us, Gillian!

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